Remixing 101

Rex’s Remixing 101 course will give you a broad understanding of the techniques, software and equipment in the amazing world of remixing. This course consists of 4 lessons. Each private lesson lasts 2 hours and can be taught in your home or in his fully loaded studio. You will learn what software and hardware combinations exist and which setup is right for your music production goals. You’ll also learn how to remix and mash up popular songs into unique productions all your own. After taking Remixing 101 you will know all about the exciting world of remixing music and what the next steps are to take your musical ideas into the real world. Please fill out the contact form to sign up.



Course Topics

• Music Industry Overview
• Production Software Overview
• Equipment Recommendations
• Beginning Keyboard
• Intro to Music Theory
• Track Warping
• Working With Acapellas
• Mash Up Techniques
• Remixing Techniques
• Drum Programming
• Synthesizer Programming
• Editing Techniques
• Mastering Techniques
• Will Travel To You