Production 101

Rex’s Production 101 course will give you a detailed understanding of the techniques, theory and equipment necessary to make studio grade music. The course consists of 2 lessons. Each private lesson lasts 2 hours and can be taught in your home or in his fully loaded studio. You will learn all about music theory, keyboard techniques and advanced beat sequencing. You’ll also learn how to record vocals and instruments as well as mix and master your songs into a professional quality production. After our Production 101 course you will know all about the exciting world of advanced music production and what the next steps are to take your music and share it with the world in a meaningful way. Please fill out the contact form to sign up.



Course Topics

• Hardware Analysis
• Software Analysis
• Equipment Recommendations
• Advanced Keyboard
• Advanced Music Theory
• Beat Sequencing
• Synthesizer Programming
• Advanced Melodies
• Vocal Recording
• Social Media Marketing
• Design For Musicians
• Self Promotion Techniques
• Will Travel To You