Intro To DJing

Rex’s Intro to DJing course will give you a broad overview of the world of DJing professionally or for personal enjoyment. The course consists of 4 lessons, lasting 2 hours each and taught in your home or in his studio. You will learn what equipment choices are out there and which DJ setup will work best for your personal goals. You’ll also learn where to find new music and how to best organize your music for performances. Finally you’ll learn the basics of beat matching, phrase matching, phase correction and EQ mixing. After our Intro to DJing course you will know all about the exciting world of DJing and what the next steps are to take your interest and develop it into a real world passion. Please fill out the contact form for more info on how to sign up.



Course Topics

• Music Industry Overview
• DJ Equipment Recommendations
• Song Acquisition Resources
• Music Library Organization
• BPM (Beats Per Minute)
• Beat Matching Techniques
• Gain Matching
• Phrase Matching
• Phase Correction
• Waveform Analysis
• EQ Mixing Techniques
• Key Mixing Techniques
• Will Travel To You