DJing 101

Rex’s DJing 101 course will give you a developed understanding of the techniques and strategies it takes to succeed as a professional DJ. The course consists of 4 lessons. Each lesson lasts 2 hours and can be taught in your home or in his fully loaded studio. During the course you will learn every detail of the controller or analog DJ system you own and how to best utilize it to put on amazing DJ performances. You’ll also learn how to work with FX to emphasize peaks and plateaus in the tracks and how to mix seamlessly between different genres and tempos. Finally you’ll learn advanced beat matching, beat juggling, live remixing and promotion techniques. After taking Rex’s DJing 101 course you will know all about the exciting world of DJing professionally and what the next steps are to take your passion and develop it into a rewarding career. Fill out the contact form to sign up.



Course Topics

• Headliner Set Organization
• Beatmatching By Ear
• Advanced Phrase Matching
• Advanced Mixing Techniques
• Advanced FX Techniques
• Cross Genre Mixing
• Cross Tempo Mixing
• Crowd Control
• Live Remixing
• Beat Juggling
• Digital Promotion
• Social Media Marketing
• Will Travel To You