DJ & Music Production Classes

In an effort to empower the next generation of DJs and producers, Rex Buchanan teaches private, one on one DJ and music production classes in a variety of topics. Rex will either teach you in his studio or travel to your place to teach you the art of DJing, remixing, music production, mixing and mastering. Whether you are an up and coming club DJ, music producer or simply a music lover who wants to learn to DJ and produce dance music you will find that training one on one with DJ Rex will take your passion to the next level. His program focuses on personalized lessons in the appropriate curriculum depending on your experience level and learning goals. Each course is taught in the comfort of your own home or in DJ Rex’s fully loaded studio. Whether you are a beginning DJ looking to learn to mix and beatmatch or a veteran looking to sharpen your skills at producing, remixing and mastering you will benefit greatly from music production classes with DJ Rex Buchanan.





Course Topics

• Equipment Recommendations
• Digital Mixing Techniques
• Song Acquisition & Organization
• Music Production Techniques
• Beat Matching & Phrase Matching
• EQ Mixing & Key Mixing
• FX Builds & Tempo Transitions
• Keyboard Lessons & Music Theory
• Composition & Editing Techniques
• Sound Creation & Engineering

• Ableton Live for Production
• Traktor and Serato for DJing
• Ozone 5 for Mixing and Mastering
• Beat Sequencing and Drum Programming
• Synthesizer Programming
• Home Recording Techniques
• Track Mixing & Mastering Techniques
• Design Services For Musicians
• Digital Promotion Strategies
• Teacher Will Travel To You