Ableton 101

Rex’s Ableton 101 course will give you a broad understanding of the techniques involved with DJing, remixing and producing with the amazing Ableton Live software. This course consists of 4 lessons. Each private lesson lasts 2 hours and is taught in Rex’s fully loaded studio or in the comfort of your home. During the course you will learn the ins and outs of Ableton and how to work with audio and midi in the Ableton environment including how to DJ like a pro. You’ll also learn how to build beats, bass lines, melodies and vocal elements into a unique original productions. After DJ Rex’s Ableton 101 course you will know all about the exciting world of producing and performing music in Ableton Live. Please fill out the contact form to sign up.


Course Topics

• Ableton Live Overview
• Production Techniques Overview
• Equipment Recommendations
• Beginning Keyboard
• Intro to Music Theory
• Creating Beats
• Creating Bass Lines
• Creating Melodies
• Vocal Techniques
• Editing Techniques
• Mixing Techniques
• Mastering Techniques
• Remixing in Ableton
• DJing in Ableton
• Making Custom Mash Ups